Recent Activities


Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15th of August to remember the sacrifices and struggles carried by our forefathers.
Freedom is a gift for us from them. History is an open chapter where we gets to know about struggle ,sacrifices, sleepless nights, brutal tortures for freedom.
As India celebrated this day every year , Mannat Public School also celebrated 73rd Independence Day with great enthusiasm in respect to our freedom fighters. On this occasion Sir Nitesh Kumar as the chief guest of Mannat Public School hoisted National Flag of India to give honor to fighters. Also Principal Ms Namita Ranjan spoke to students telling them the important of 15th of August.

Patriotic songs, dance and plays were displayed in respect of our forefathers by MPS senior students. Plays and dance of students drawn audience back to the time of slavery and sacrifices for freedom fighters of India. People gathered to witness the performance which ended by singing the national anthem

Janamasthmi Celebration

Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd , pleasanter indeed and joy is the company , is the power of the name of Krishna. The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm on Janmashtami. It is also known as krishtami , is observed on the Ashtami Tithi.
On Saturday 24th of August , the students of MANNAT PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated Janmashtami. The students of Pre- nursery to UKG came traditionally dressed as Radhaand Krishna . A  splendid colorful program was organized by children, where students presented songs, danceperformance, and short role play. The event is based on the legend of the Krishna stealing butter and other milk products as a baby.The little Krishna scrambling upon his friends who form human pyramid to reach the Dahi pot .This holy occasion brings people together , thus signifying and faith.

English Story Telling Competition

Story telling is a unique human skill shared amongst people far and wide . It opens up the vivid imagination that runs wild in children and it also builds confidence and enhances speaking skills.
A story telling competition was organized for the students of LKG to grade IV at MANNAT PUBLIC SCHOOL. The young vibrant story tellers came forth with wonderful tales. While some stories provided food for thought, some reinforced moral values and some were humorous. The stories were judged on the basis of Sellers’s expression , confidence, diction and presentation skills. The winners were rewarded with the precious gift for the First, Second and Third position. Award was given to each of the winners by the Principal of MPS. At the end Principal addressed the students to participate more and more in skills enhancing work. Also encourage them to keep
on using continuously their narrating skills and voice modulation skills. The competition ended withfull of encouragement.