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Mango Day 2022

Mango was first grown in India and it has a special significance for this country. The Buddha was depicted sitting near a huge mango tree and the Mughal emperor. It was the Mughal empire that went on to create and cultivate the many famous mango varieties like ‘chaunsa,’ ‘Anwar Ratol,’ and ‘Kesar’ mangoes.

. As time went by, mangoes traveled from India to other countries of the world. Because it has a big seed, mangoes had to be transported by humans, unlike other fruits like cherries, which could easily be transported by birds and animals. The mango fruit was brought to Portugal and Britain by traders and colonizers. In South Asia, mangoes are so valued that they are considered the national fruit of Pakistan and India, and the national tree of Bangladesh. A basket of mangoes is also considered a gesture of friendship in the region.